RH Series

Diverse styling with component replaceability

Quality. Value. Choice.
This versatile, component-replaceable line provides different looks through choices of pulls. It offers
all the options, looks and convenience you’ll ever need.

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  • Constructed using hardwood veneer plywood panels.
  • Glue and dowel or dry-fit construction method. The "dry-fit" construction method uses exposed metal-to-metal fasteners and allows components to be easily replaced in the field without having to invest in an entirely new unit.
  • Aesthetic choices. Solid hardwood drawer fronts feature two integral pull choices or an aluminum bar pull for a more contemporary look.
  • Dovetail or dowel drawer box construction with removable drawer front, waterproof vinyl bottom and open to 3/4 of their depth.
  • Expansive line of desk and storage pieces with a streamlined look to blend with any of our Bed Solutions.


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