CENTRAL HALL - Upperclass Men and Women Suite Style Option 

Central Hall is situated on the second and third levels above the baseball stadium and houses approximately 92 students. The structure of the hall follows a suite format where two rooms, each housing two residents, are joined by a bathroom. A laundry facility and WIFI is available throughout the residence hall. There are two single-occupancy, barrier-free rooms, and an elevator to assist physically challenged students. The community lounges on 2nd and 3rd floors provide space for students to interact, watch television or study. The new residence hall will house primarily sophomore, junior, and senior students, with one floor for men, and the other floor for women. 

Room Renderings and Photos

Please note there are some variations between some of the Central hall rooms.  Some have a lower ceilings in the entrance areas of the room.  The accessible rooms also are arranged differently. However, the standard layout should be achievable for each room.  

Each window has an air conditioner / heater unit below the window that comes up to the bottom of the window and comes out from the wall by about a foot.  Please be aware of this as you make plans.