Custom Capabilities

Tailored Solutions

Most of the products we have in our offering began as specific requests from our customers. We have a broad range of solutions in our standard line, but we also understand that one size does not fit all. Through the years, changes needed by our customers have worked their way into our standard line. Here you can see a sampling of products that were customized for specific applications.

If you need a product customized, talk to your local rep about what you need to initiate the process.

Jane 18" x 18" Square

Essentials Custom Shelving & Hanging Space

Baxter Custom Zoning

Lucy and Coordinating Table

Morris Custom Shape Table

Trestle Base Table

White Oak Table

Dumbarton Oaks

Hugo - Special Laminate Top

Jane and Baxter

Logo Metal Guard Rail

Hudson Swivel Base

Hudson Swivel Base

Jane Dining Table

Hudson with Tablet Arm

Essentials with a Hasp Lock

Essentials Wardrobe

Essentials Pedestal with Hasp Lock

Jane with Custom Base

Baxter Custom Arm

School Colored Bed Rails

Baxter and Hugo

Baxter and Hugo

  • Quality products.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Quality products.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Made in the USA.