Furniture that adapts

Evolve helps students balance their social and academic needs by providing adaptive, modular pieces that can move with the individual student as their priorities shift throughout the semester.


  • Constructed using an exposed multi-ply core with maple or oak veneer.
  • Laminate available on worksurface top and 3-drawer chest.
  • Height adjustable bed; 7 bed deck heights on the single bed and 19 bed deck heights on the studio bed.
  • Deck: spring or 3-piece wood.
  • Double sided pin channel to allow the worksurface and cubbies to be placed on either side of the headboard and footboard.
  • Studio bed features white board or veneer stabilizer rail which includes a safety locking device.
  • 3 drawer chest includes integral pulls and gives students ample storage room. The 3 drawer chest also allows for a stacking wardrobe with an integrated safety clip at rear.
  • Evolve consists of innovative furniture pieces that serve multiple functions, are easy to move and reconfigure, gives ample storage and offers students a variety of places to study.
  • Adjustable worksurface provides multiple heights and allows a student to move around their room for the best experience. It can also be used as additional wardrobe storage.
  • Optional hanging bar and pencil tray can be added to the worksurface for a fully functional unit.
  • Additional modular pieces such as the cubbies, storage cart and tray give the student not only more storage, but also more versatility in their space.
  • Tackable inserts add privacy and personalization to the Evolve bed system.
  • Lounge chair and stool add a comfortable place to relax while keeping the same aesthetics of the bed furniture.
  • Evolve is patent pending

Evolve is an adaptive modular furniture solution for today’s students that allows them to curate their environment to meet their social and academic needs.

Experience the life of two students who adapt with Evolve furniture throughout a semester.