Tool Free Bed

The most versatile bed
in the industry

A consistent performer with solid hardwood and mortise and tenon construction.

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  • Solid hardwood post and rails.
  • Mortise and tenon construction to secure headboard rails to posts.
  • Height adjustable Patented one-piece pin channel allows bed deck to be supported at eleven different heights without tools.
  • One-piece metal side rail for strength and finished look. 
  • Beds can bunk and loft without tools. Utilizes steel pins, inserted into the top of each post.
  • Loft kit stabilizer bar includes an integrated locking device to ensure safe, secure application.
  • Bed can be flipped to provide two different aesthetics.
  • Medium Loft Bed has taller headboards. It can be adjusted to eleven
  • different bed deck heights, including a lofted position.


  • Bed 1-Piece Deck

    85"L x 38"W x 37"H
    DWG File

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