Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church

Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church, located in Grand Rapids, MI, was looking to find a reliable furniture provider for their newly built community space. The new space has areas for dining, collaboration, and socialization.


The Customer Need

Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church needed a furniture partner to outfit their gathering area with a modern, simple, durable, and timeless aesthetic. Neland hosts events within the church including breakout groups and community events, so the furniture needed to be flexible enough to support a variety of uses and organizations. It also now serves as the main entrance point to the church, so a great first impression was of critical importance.


The RT London Solution

RT London worked closely with Architect Jim VanderMolen to select the perfect furnishings for the church. For the dining space, Chloe was the perfect wood chair to accompany custom-made tables, handcrafted by a member of the church. A circular arrangement of Lucy Lounge became a great conversation space for the large gathering area. Quincy lounge chairs and sofas were situated next to the windows, adding a comfortable, at-home touch to the large open room. The space was finished off with Lucy Lu stools in a variety of sizes, which provided ultimate flexibility.

Architect Jim VanderMolen

Project Details


Grand Rapids, MI

RT London Sales Representative:

Bill Terpstra, Great Lakes Regional Manager
RT London, Grand Rapids, MI

Architecture Firm:

Jim VanderMolen
Elevate Studio, Grand Rapids, MI

About the Customer

Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church opened in 1916 in the same beautiful building they are in today. The new addition added space for the various community gatherings that happen within the church.


  • Quality products.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Quality products.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Made in the USA.