October 13, 2022

Best Sellers Blog

RT London strives to bring the best furniture to our customers. Thanks to feedback from our customers and employees, we are able to share what our best-selling pieces are, and why everyone loves them so much.

Room Solutions

Room Solutions from RT London are durable, functional, and eye-catching. At RT London, we focus on building furniture that lasts. Incorporating new design techniques to ensure that your furniture maximizes space and highlights functionality.

Maxwell Bed Collection

IMG_4283 RY

The Maxwell Bed Collection is a customer and employee favorite. Here at RT London, we love the flexibility of the steel pin channel, which allows for 11 adjustable bed deck heights and tool-free adjustment. Making it perfect for easy configuration and customization. Alongside this key detail, the simple lines and mixed materials create a timeless, contemporary aesthetic.

Lounge Solutions

At RT London, we focus on providing the best, most durable and comfortable lounge solutions. Whether it’s for a university library or a residential setting, we work alongside our customers to bring their visions to life.

Our lounge solutions include a vast variety of chairs, settees, sofas, ottomans, and more. Visit our website for the full list of lounge solutions we offer.

Emily and Hudson

These two lounge chairs bring a modern twist to a traditional aesthetic. With key attributes and important features that have these two standing out from the "crowd."

Emily Set_11_720_400_90_c1

The Emily Collection (above) offers a classic style that blends with any environment, while the Hudson Collection (below) is a great choice for modern spaces with its streamlined design and tapered arm detail.

Hudson Chair 2

Both Emily and Hudson lounge solutions are versatile, durable, and customer favorites. In a race for the best-selling lounge solution, these two flip on the daily, making it a nail bitter of a race.


At RT London we curate coffee table, dining table, and side table solutions. With custom capabilities, these tables can be tweaked and altered to fit perfectly in your space. With different heights, shapes, and function options, our table collections can work in almost any environment.

Our best-selling table solutions, Jane and Lucy, are seen at universities, K-12 schools, healthcare buildings and more all over the country.



Jane may be simple, but the combination of the laminate top and metal legs make this table perfect for any space and any aesthetic preference. Easily coordinating with all our lounge products, Jane easily gains the title of "best seller."


Lounge-Lucy Table-Lucy

The Lucy Table is a great choice for any contemporary room setting. Streamlined style and modern aesthetic makes Lucy easy to love. The Lucy table pairs with the Lucy Lounge for a complete look.


Perfectly crafted to complement our room solutions, lounge solutions, and tables, our chair collections have a wide variety of styles, heights, and functions. Whether you’re looking for a chair to eat, study, or learn in, we offer a chair for everything.


Iris Counterstool - FIU IMG_4672

The Iris chair is our best-selling chair because of its lightweight and comfortable build. It is offered as a stacking chair, counter height stool, and barstool and is a versatile chair that is well suited for almost any environment. The simplicity of the molded plywood shell and steel frame combine to create a chair that you are sure to love.

We’re Focused on Being the Best

RT London is not focused on being the biggest furniture company, we’re focused on being the best. We are constantly changing and growing to make the best furniture the industry can offer. RT London products are American made, while offering custom capabilities, design services, a 25-year warranty, and the best customer service possible.

Our best sellers are not only favorites amongst our customer’s, but they are also RT London employee favorites as well. We work to bring our customers products that we love, and we build them to last. For more information on our best sellers, head to our website and be sure to check out all the products we have to offer.

Contact us today with any questions, to request a quote, or to visit our showroom.

RT London strives to bring the best furniture to our customers. Thanks to feedback from our customers and employees, we are able to share what our best-selling pieces are, and why everyone loves them so much.
  • Quality products.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Quality products.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Made in the USA.