June 5, 2023

The Rising Trend in Studio Lofts

Across the country colleges and universities are met with the unique challenge of connecting the needs of students and facilities, when selecting residence hall furniture. Finding the right fit for each space can pose quite a challenge. Some students want the option to have their bed lofted to create more floor space, while others prefer to sleep closer to the ground. Enter the studio loft, also known as the junior loft. A unique solution giving students the ability to loft their bed or have it closer to the floor, with only two headboards.

The Benefits of Studio Lofts

Institutions across the country have been swapping out older furniture to incorporate studio loft beds or implementing them in their new residence halls. When we spoke with Residence Life Directors about choosing studio lofts for their residence halls, we learned one of the main benefits is there is no need to purchase a loft kit. These kits have traditionally given students the ability to loft their beds, but if students choose not to, the school will need to store the kits or they ask that students keep the extra pieces in their rooms. Storing the loft kits can add more handling and labor costs, and having students keep the kit in their room takes up valuable real estate. With studio lofts, students can choose the height of their bed without having to store or manage a separate kit and facilities teams only need to purchase and manage two headboards per student.

The Most Innovative Studio Loft Yet

RT London’s unique products improve the function of the studio loft. The modular studio loft solution, Adapt, allows students to meet all their needs in one system. It works with the student throughout the semester by balancing their social and academic needs with modular pieces that move with the individual student. The Adapt collection gives students 19 bed heights to choose from as well as various attachable pieces like cubbies, hanging tack board or marker board, and a worksurface with different mounting heights, that can also double as hanging storage for clothing. Adapts’ headboard and footboard also work as ladders, eliminating the need for a ladder in the room and giving students more space to move freely.

Five Reasons Why Studio Lofts Might Be Right for Your Organization

When thinking about future furniture purchases across campus, consider five reasons why the studio loft may be the right next step for your organization:

  1. You want to give your students the option to loft without having to manage a traditional loft kit.
  2. You want to maximize your initial furniture investment, but still give students ultimate flexibility.
  3. Storage is at a premium and you do not have space to store unused loft kits.
  4. Ceiling heights are low, but students still want to maximize their floorspace by using the space underneath their beds for study and lounge.
  5. Two headboards per student compared to four. This is a facility team’s dream!

Studio lofts are becoming the new standard in residence halls across the country. To learn more about studio loft options and how to incorporate them into your space, head to our studio loft page.

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